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Wish List
Below are all items we could use at the zoo.

  • Baby Formulas:
    -Simalac with iron, no soy
    -Infamil lipil
    -Nestle good start

  • Feed:
    -Whole corn
    -Horse feed
    -Goat feed
    -Rabbit feed
    -Chinchilla pellets
    -Chinchilla dust

  • Birds:
    -Larger Parrot seed
    -Small bird seed
    -Bird toys

  • Misc Foods:
    -Mixed nuts in shell
    -Unsalted peanuts
    -Unsalted sunflower seeds

  • Dog & Cat Products:
    -Dry cat food
    -Dry dog food
    -Dog biskets

  • Grains:
    -Fig bars
    -Gernola bars
    -Soft fruit bars

  • Fruits:
    -Black berries
    -Blue berries

  • Veggies:
    Are you or someone you now a gardener? Find out how you can help the zoo!
    -Yams/sweet potatoes
    -Romain lettuce
    -Collard greens
    -Mustard greens
    -Ice berg lettuce
    -Corn on the cobb
    -Cherry tomatoes

  • Misc:
    -Plain yogert
    -Whole milk
    -Chicken and turkey gizzerds

For the Babies:
  • New and used baby blankets
  • Playpens
  • Baby strollers
  • Soft stuffed animals
  • Baby bottles & Nipples
  • Gerber baby rice
  • Baby formulas - lambs milk
  • KMR, esbilac and similac for low iron
  • Pet carriers and kennels
  • Dollhouses and unbreakable toys for the monkeys
  • New and used towels and blankets
  • Non-destructible toys
  • Play ground equiptment
  • Outdoor and indoor play school equiptment (The heavy duty stuff.)
  • Slides and Swings
  • Baby Toys

Building Supplies:
  • Treated Lumber : 4x4 - 8ft and 10 ft
  • 6x6- 12ft
  • Cattle Panels : 16 ft
  • Chain link fence : 8ft tall
  • Chain Link Gates
  • Rubber Garden Hose 50ft and 100ft
  • All sizes lumber
  • Galvanized Roofing Metal
  • Galvanized Corn Cribs
  • Redi Mix Concrete
  • Utilty Poles any lenth

Misc Upgrades Needed:
  • Walk in Freezer
  • Walk in Cooler
  • Storage Sheds
  • Calf Hutches
  • Grain Gravity Box Trailer
  • Hydralic Dump Trailer
  • Industrial Size Propane Washer and Dryer front Loader
  • Tractor with Loader
  • Permanent Updated Restrooms
  • New Drilled Well
  • 30' by 40' insulated Small Mammal Building
  • Stock tank heaters
  • water bucket heaters
  • Golf Carts
  • Baby pools
  • Hanging feeders and troughs
  • Rubbermaid totes - all sizes
  • Pump and Fountain for the duck pond
  • Stock tanks 4'-6'-8'
  • Igloos and doghouses - all sizes

  • Push lawn mowers
  • Weed eaters (gas)
  • Tarps
  • Ladders
  • Wheelbarrows
  • Chainsaws
  • Shovels/rakes
  • Tools
  • Extension cords
  • Large trash cans
  • Railroad ties
  • Landscape posts

  • Large rocks and boulders
  • Bags of grass seed & fertilizer
  • PVC pipe
  • Live trees, bushes & plants
  • Gravel
  • Canopy tents
  • Rope


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